Where To Dispose Of Old Sump Pump [Know The Right Places]

Where To Dispose Of Old Sump Pump? [Know The Right Places]

A sump pump needs a replacement after using for several years. This old pump should be disposed of properly without harming the environment. But the issue is where to dispose of an old sump pump.

Well, waste collectors are the best place to dispose of an old sump pump. These companies recycle or make the pump worth releasing into the environment. However, the user can manually dispatch the old pump to the trash bin.

Sump pumps may harm the environment by releasing them directly. So, know more about the suitable ways to dispose of an old sump pump.

What To Do With Old Sump Pump?

Old sump pumps become useless after replacing them with new ones. Besides, as these types of pumps are made from various harmful chemicals and particles, releasing them directly into the environment won’t be a good idea. In these cases, recycling is the best option. You can hire recycling companies for this.

Moreover, some other companies collect the old sump pumps in exchange for money. You can get rid of it this way.

Again, garbagemen and a trash bin for metal items are available for this situation.

Where To Dispose Of Old Sump Pump?

Sump pumps contain some harmful ingredients to the environment. Copper, iron, lead, and other metallic or acidic elements are non-biodegradable. So, you can’t leave these pumps anywhere.

There are some disposing of ways that are both easier and healthier.

1. Recycling The Whole Pump

Recycling centers offer disposal services of metallic elements such as sump pumps. After that, these companies recycle the pumps for reusing.

However, you’ve to pay some to get their service. Also, these companies detach the whole pump and reuse the different metallic parts for use in various industries.

Some recycling companies arrange auction services to give these trashes to dealers. The dealers buy these pumps and recycle the metal parts for other purposes like construction bridges or roads.

2. Recycling The Parts

The sump pump has various ingredients in its body parts. It contains iron, copper, brass, plastic, and other materials.

Therefore, recycling these body parts can be a good option. Detach the parts and sell them to scrap dealers.

3. Making New Items With Older Parts

Some companies make new items with older body parts of metallic products. These companies make the parts like raw materials and give the necessary shapes to make the new one. However, you’ve to make an appointment in these cases.

How To Dispose Of Old Sump Pump?

old sump pump

Getting rid of old sump pumps is challenging. That’s why most homeowners worry about their old pumps.

Also, some city government never allows discharging this trashes for environmental purpose. Hence, we’ve discussed the easiest ways to do this job.

  • First, open the pump house and unplug the old sump pump carefully.
  • Second, unscrew the long pipeline to detach the old one.
  • Now, take it up and unscrew the basement pipe of the old sump pump.
  • When the pump detaches fully, clean it as it contains many stains or filth.
  • Contact a scrap dealer or recycling center to dispose of it permanently.
  • Sometimes, these companies ask you to make an early appointment to dispose of metallic elements. Take the necessary steps in these cases.

Why is it essential to Dispose of an Old Sump Pump?

Nowadays, metallic elements harm the environment most. These types of items never blend with nature. Even sometimes, these metals enter our food chain. Many people ask whether sump pumps are recyclable or not.

The good news is you can properly and safely dispose of them and reuse them in the future.

An old sump pump is also a metallic product containing many harmful metals. And it’s not safe to release the pump into the environment without any renewal.

Again, the metallic elements cause various diseases directly or indirectly to the human body. The recycling center fixes the old pump issues and makes it newer for reusing. So, dispose of the old sump pump correctly if you want to save nature and yourself.

Additional Tips To Dispose of An Old Sump Pump:

Proper disposal of an old sump pump is quite essential for reusing. Sometimes, the pump remains good enough to reuse directly.

However, many pumps become so damaged that we can’t reuse them. So, we’ll give you some tips for a successful disposal.

  • When you unscrew the old pump, ensure the parts never become damaged. A damaged pump is more critical to fix.
  • If your pump’s parts break, store it with other body parts. It allows the company to recycle the pump.
  • Check the hazardous parts of the pump. Never give these parts to the scrap dealer. It’s because these parts need purification before recycling.
  • Contact the dealer and recycling company before the removal of your pump.
  • Many city corporations don’t allow to sell the metallic parts to dealers. Make sure there are no obligations in your city to sell cast iron to scrap dealers. Otherwise, selling the metal without permission may go under a law contravening crime.


How to dispose of the sump pump battery?

Sump pump batteries contain a lot of lead-acid and other hazardous elements. These elements are so harmful to release into the environment. So, you can’t throw these types of items in regular trash as it’s an obstruction of state law. Dispose of the sump pump battery to the scrap dealer or recycling companies who accept these.

Can I drain the sump pump to the street?

Draining the sump pump to the street isn’t a good idea. The roads may become filthy and damaged if you do so. That’s why, after dispatching, you can drain the sump to any drainage system or trash bin.

What do you do with a sump pump discharge in the winter?

You must follow the maintenance strictly to keep the sump pump discharge good in the winter. To do this, remove the discharge pipeline and heat it with a hot temperature hose. When it becomes normal, clean the other pump parts and check it regularly.

Final Verdict

Sump pump disposal is quite essential to save the environment from harm. However, some people still don’t know where to dispose of old sump pumps properly. To release the old sump pump in the right place, people must have good awareness.

Recycling companies and scrap dealers renew the old ones to reduce the harm to nature. Dispose of your sump pump to them is the only way to save wildlife from destruction.

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