How To Test Sump Pump Battery

How To Test Sump Pump Battery? The Solid Way [Explained]

Does the backup sump pump battery need testing? Yes! It’s mandatory to know how to test sump pump battery because having a reliable, top-quality external power source keeps your pump running during a power outage.

However, you’ll not require frequent testing if you can carry out the maintenance procedure very well. Through our research, we’ve found that most battery backup sump pump batteries don’t require additional maintenance. But there are some models of batteries that do come with the maintenance of a 6-month interval.

This article will guide you to such maintenance and elaborate on testing the sump pump battery.

Why Should You Test Sump Pump Battery?

Every sump pump battery comes with a rated power which is used to power the sump pump in case of a blackout. When you’ve bought a suitable model, you deserve to know whether that particular battery is providing that rated power or not.

Furthermore, you also need to note down the working hours of your sump pump battery to match them with the stated values. Otherwise, complain to your battery provider and demand a complete replacement.

How to Test Sump Pump Battery

The function of a battery backup sump pump is to pump water through the sump pit when there’s a power outage in your area. This process helps reduce the chance of flooding in your basement. Here’s how you can test it.

Testing The Sump Pump Battery

If you’ve installed a new battery backup pump, all you need to do for the testing is to intentionally fill the pit with water up to a certain level to check whether the pump activates or not.

Make sure that there’s no electricity in your basement to trigger the backup pump. When you see that your backup pump is producing a significant torque to suck the water, you’ll be sure that your battery is good to serve you for many years.

Maintenance Of A Sump Pump Battery

For maintenance-free batteries, there’s only one parameter to check: the state of charge. Make sure to fully charge the battery so that you don’t need to face a blackout crisis.

Some models of batteries need maintenance, such as checking the inside water level of every cell. If your battery cap is removable, then you should know that you need to refill the water level of the cells approximately after every six months to keep it functional.

These special types of batteries are also known as stand-up batteries, and they usually serve you for not more than 5 years.


What is the working principle of a battery backup sump pump?

There are two modes of operation in a battery backup system – one is the primary mode, and the other is the cascade mode with the battery to the pump. In both cases, the battery powers up the pump when there is a power outage, so there is no flash flood in your basement.

What is the continuous run time of the battery backup sump pump?

During blackout conditions, a battery backup can continuously pump water for 5 – 7 hours. If the pumping is not continuous, the battery backup can run the pump for 2 – 3 days, depending on the state of charge.

What is the cost analysis to install a battery backup sump pump?

If you’ve called a professional worker to install your battery backup sump pump, they’ll charge you $900 to $1200. On the other hand, if you want to install it on your own, the kit supply will only cost between $160 to $600, depending on your battery backup sump pump model.


Purchasing a backup power inverter for sump pump does not diminish all the hassle of flood risk. If the battery is not handled properly, this might not last long. On the other hand, make sure to purchase the battery model that comes with a replacement warranty.

Because after testing, if there’s any fault on the model, the battery company will be bound to give you a new one. So, how to test the sump pump battery? In one line answer, connect them with the pump, and see if it starts! And for maintenance, charge the battery and check the water level at regular intervals.

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