How to Increase The Run Time of a Sump Pump

How to Increase The Run Time of a Sump Pump?

Having a sump pump is very common if you have a basement. A sump pump is able to avoid this flooding by regulating the groundwater and keeping it from entering a structure. That’s why some users want to increase the pump’s run time.

Now the question is how to make the sump pump run longer. Usually, the sump pump runs 6 to 24 hours constantly. However, if you want to run your pump longer than 24hrs then make sure your pump is clean and regularly check to avoid any operational errors.

So if you want to know more about how to increase the run time of a sump pump, you’re at the right place. Keep scrolling to learn more about the sump pump.

How to Increase The Run Time of a Sump Pump

Here’re a few ways to increase the cycle time of a sump pump. Let’s check.

  • When the sump pump is clean, it functions more effectively, and when it runs efficiently, it causes the system to experience less wear and tear.

You should make it a habit to clean and disinfect your sump pump on a regular basis if you want to avoid having to buy a new one in the near future.

  • To determine whether or not your sump pump is operating correctly, fill the basin with water and watch the float switch to see whether it moves up and down in response to the changing height of the water.

However, your system will have a longer lifespan if it’s maintained correctly and performs as intended.

  • Again, it’s necessary to clear the drainage pipes of any debris and other materials blocking the flow of water to restore normal drainage. Also, check to see if any of the pipes are dripping.

If you follow these two methods, you may prevent damage to your sump pump and reduce its wear rate.

  • If the level of your sump pump is off, the float arm will not work properly. Ensure that your system is sitting on level ground or a surface.
  • Make sure that your sump pump is hooked to a power source. This is the simplest method to ensure that it is working properly and will also maximize the amount of time it will last.



Why is my sump pump running so much?

The sump pump float switch being caught in the “on” position in your sump pit is the most typical reason for a sump pump system to operate constantly in a basement or crawl space. As a result, the pump will overheat and fail early, resulting in a costly repair bill.

How long can a sump pump run continuously?

With severe rains and a high-quality sump pump, you may expect your pump to work for six to 24 hours at a time. In the event of heavy rains or even floods, your sump pump will be put to the test in order to keep the low portions of your property dry.

Do sump pumps need to run in the winter?

There’s nothing unusual about a sump pump running throughout the winter months. For certain areas, winter may be the time of year when the groundwater level is greatest. A sump pump is required as a result of the ground being saturated.

Is running a sump pump constantly bad?

Continuously running a sump pump is undesirable if there’s no water to be pumped out. Push motors that operate continuously will eventually burn up and be unable to pump water out of the discharge line when it is needed.


To conclude how to make the sump pump run longer you have to sanitize the pump on a regular basis and inspect the pump to avoid any further issues. However, The precise time it takes for your sump pump to run depends on where you reside and the surroundings of your house.

It ought only to operate when there’s a surplus of water in the pit. But if your water-powered sump pump is operating too much or too little, you should address the issue immediately.

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