How To Hide Sump Pump In Finished Basement

How To Hide Sump Pump In Finished Basement [5 Ideas]

Undoubtedly sump pump is essential for keeping the lower portion of your house dry. But it can get boring to look at the same basement outlook every day. So, here comes the question, how to hide the sump pump in the finished basement?

As it’s true that the sump pump is quite loud, this machinery may interrupt your basement outlook if openly displayed. But, you can solve the problem with some creative solutions to design your dream basement.

Let’s find out some creative and practical ideas that would increase the aesthetics of your basement.

How to Hide Sump Pump in Finished Basement

Weathers are unpredictable, mainly in the time of the fall and spring months, with the tendency of several showers of rain and possible floods around your area. As a result, the lower part of your house faces obstacles for which a sump pump is a must.

Also, you may love to turn your basement into a beautiful living space, but this essential thing can become a headache. No worries! There are several clever techniques to cover the sump pump in a basement bedroom.

Covering the Sump Pump

Consider covering your sump pump in your basement bedroom using a plywood cover, constructing a closet, or installing a decorative surface.

To disguise your sump pump, using a plywood cover is one of the affordable and most accessible ways. Cut up the plywood matching the spherical-pit shape or attach a square-shaped piece on the top.

Or, you can have attractive sump pump plywood covers from the market. 

Installing Curtain

As you’re planning to set up a bedroom in the basement, creating a false wall where your sump pump is placed by hanging a curtain from floor to ceiling through two supports would be a great idea.

With this technique, you get the illusion that the sump pump is hanging on the wall.

Hiding Sump Pump with Plants

There is more. In your bedroom basement, house plants will help cover the sump pump. Because of their height, house plants contribute extra basement insulation.

Thus, you can save money by using less air conditioning in the basement. But, while placing the plants around the water pump, they don’t block the water in the sump basin by falling leaves in the pit.

Hiding With a Fake Floor

Another efficient way is to conceal the sump pump with forgery flooring. You have to set up the sump pump under a fake wall-to-wall floor above the ground. Make sure the phony floor design blends well with your finished basement look.

Moreover, you can think of placing a piece of seating or storage furniture on top of the fake floor. Be careful that whatever you put over it should not block the sump pump accessibility.

Also, placing a couch or chair over the sump pump is another great idea that can hide your pump. All you need is to arrange the seat portion over the machine and avoid falling off. Attach it from the lower side.

You can use IKEA cabinets to hide the sump pump in the design of the basement area. Without requiring extra space, it can be disguised and accessible. This one is the perfect solution for accessing the water-powered sump pump when required but smartly hidden.

Covering With a Rug

If you’re looking for a practical, simple, and cheap way to do this job covering it with a rug is the most convenient.

Choose one that matches the basement decor and seems to be a part of it. As your everyday routine goes on in your basement bedroom, the rug will become more and more invisible.


  • Can you put flooring over the sump pump?

Laying a false floor over your sump pump is one of the fantastic ways to conceal it. You need to place the sump pump down and create fake wall-to-wall flooring. Without compromising any storage space, you can apply the technique with shelves to make out an efficient way to hide the sump pump.

  • How to hide the sump pump outside?

You can use durable plastic-made covers or any other sturdy material for hiding outdoor sump pumps that have built-in gaskets. Otherwise, twigs, leaves, and other debris can clog it. Unlike basement sump pump covers, a simple metal hardware cloth and plywood cover will do good for outdoor use.

  • Should you cover a sump pump hole?

As the sump pump pumps in water for draining away through the discharge line, without a lid on the hole can cause water to evaporate in your basement area. That’s why an airtight lid should be used to seal the sump pump hole. Also, covering the whole of the sump pump prevents the problems of bits and pieces falling inside the water and causing interference to its operation.


Final Verdict

Always setup a sump pump somewhere unnoticeable because you can’t move it every time even if it is really tough, you know!

So, it’d be best to be careful that the discharge pipe isn’t getting blocked while choosing any sump pump hiding idea. If you clog the drain pipe, it can cause flooding and damage to your finished basement.

Hopefully, the ideas discussed here on how to hide the sump pump in the finished basement will prove helpful for you. If you don’t feel like taking a step to hide the sump pump all by yourself, get a professional hired.

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