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5 Best Shallow Well Pump with Pressure Tank in 2023

For remote areas, the supply of running water from the municipality or city corporation is hard to reach. If your house is located on the outskirts of a city or town then it is better to get water from a private well. For this, you must get the best shallow well pump with pressure tank.

The well having a depth of a minimum of 25 ft is enough to supply regular water for a house of 1200-2400 square ft. A good shallow pump gets this job done easily and consistently. It pumps the water from the well and supplies it to the primary pipe.

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Let us look glance at the 5 best shallow well pumps with a pressure tank for your project.

“A powerful jet pump with 0.5HP and a sturdy body for maximum effectiveness”

“ Amazing 1.6 Horsepower of motor for consistent pressurized water flow”

“Comes with a decent ¾ Horsepower motor with automatic pump controlling system”

“Quite powerful body with a strong jet pump for daily uninterrupted water supply”

“The motor has raw ¾ Horsepower which is highly suitable for medium-sized houses for constant freshwater supply”

5 Best Shallow Well Pump with Pressure Tank – Reviews & Comparisons

In this section, we shall explore the top 5 available shallow well pumps for residential projects.

1. Red Lion RL-SWJ50 Shallow Well Jet Pump with Pressure Tank

Red Lion RL-SWJ50/RL6H Dual Voltage (115/230 V) 1/2 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump/Tank Combo 12.6 GPM Cast Iron Pump with 5.8 Gallon Pressure Tank, Red/White, 97080503
  • ALL-IN-ONE WELL PUMP SYSTEM: jet pump and pre-charged pressure tank are factory assembled and ready to install
  • BUILT TO LAST: heavy-duty cast iron casing and volute; glass-filled thermoplastic impeller and diffuser; steel tank with high-grade diaphragm water chamber
  • INCLUDES: 30/50 pressure switch, pressure gauge, stainless steel hose
  • DUAL VOLTAGE MOTOR: for use with 115 Volt or 230 Volt power sources; comes factory-set at 230 Volts but can be easily switched to 115 Volt; ensure pump voltage matches power source
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 1/2 HP; 5.8 Gallon; 8.4 Amps at 115 Volts; 4.2 Amps at 230 Volt; 1-1/4-inch FNPT intake; 1-inch FNPT discharge; 12.6 GPM at 5' suction lift and 30 PSI; Max: 64 PSI; 148-Ft. Head

The RL-SWJ50 model of the Red Lion is a suitable complete package for the water supply system of residential houses in rural areas. Because it comes with a pre-installed pressurized water tank to reduce the hassle of setting up the system.

It comes with a 0.5 Horsepower motor which is strong enough to pull up and deliver consistent water flow. This package is very easy to install and does not require hiring experts. The pre-charged water chamber is factory assembled and ready to install.

This shallow pump has a housing made of rugged cast iron with a water-repellent coating. It makes the body durable to withstand tough external environmental impacts. The corrosion or rust cannot hamper its body at all even after being exposed to water for a long time. Besides, you do not need to make a separate shelter just to protect the pump.

The pressurized water tank can hold up to 5.3 to 14 gallons of water. This amount is enough for any emergency requirements for a small family.

You will get a pre-installed 30/50 pressure switch to control the flow of the water according to the requirements. The hose that connects the water tank and pump has a braided stainless steel-made construction. This makes the connection safe from rust and makes it long-lasting.

This shallow pump can be operated at both 115V and 230V volts. It gives you the flexibility to install it in any part of the country without any hassle of controlling the input power.


  • Compatible with different power input
  • Wide range of application
  • Maintains constant rate of water flow
  • Highly endured body
  • Pre-installed pressure gauge and switch


  • Very heavy to move
  • Cannot be confined in a small space

2. Goplus Shallow Well Pump- Best Shallow Well Pump for Irrigation

Goplus 1.6HP Shallow Well Pump & Pressure Tank, 1000GPH Garden Water Pump Jet Pressurized for Home Irrigation Garden Lawn, 1200W (Blue)
  • 【High-efficiency and Durable】With permanent magnet separation capacitor motor, this shallow well pump owns the 1200W high efficiency working power. Powerful power supply and thermal overload protection could automatically stop the pump when the card machine is overloaded, prevent combustion and prolong the service life of the well pump.
  • 【Solid Construction】Motor of this well pump is made of rugged cast iron featuring with durable, solid and corrosion-resistant. The additional bottom retainer could offer steady support for the machine when working, and helps avoid the unnecessary shaking or tip over.
  • 【Simple & Safe Operation】Slide valve makes this well pump easy to operate, and the built-in pressure gauge facilitates you to observe the situation in the tank in real time. More importantly, thermal protection and overload protection can ensure your safety better in the operating process and effectively avoid accidents.
  • 【Wide Range of Application】The device can be used for water supply systems arrangement. For example, bring fresh well water to residential homes, farms, cabins as well as agricultural structures and many others. And the pump can also use for boosting water to low pressure, for watering lawns or gardens.
  • 【Clean and Sanitation】Our product is unlike the ordinary well pumps that use metal structure and will generate rust water after long-term using. In order to avoid such condition, our pump uses ceramic closed motor shafts could effectively prevent such position and guarantee the water through it still clean.

This shallow water pump is made up of rugged and sturdy cast iron. Its framework has tough housing preventing the body from corrosion and rust for a long time. Besides, any heavy impacts cannot lay damage to the pump easily.

The motor of the pump has a magnet separator in the capacitor. This helps to input the maximum eclectic power to the motor. And, you shall get 100% energy to the motor with better effectiveness.

Moreover, the 1.6 Horsepower and 1200W of the powerful motor are sufficient enough to deliver constant water flow to many areas. Such as tall buildings, gardens, irrigation, swimming pools, and much more.

For safety measures, this shallow pump is integrated with thermal overload protection. Considering the motor of this pump gets overheated due to overload of the pressure. Then it gets automatically shut off to prevent damages caused by combustion. This feature increases its longevity.

The start-up switch is covered by a plastic cap, which prevents accidental startup by pets or children. Its solid support on the ground covers a large surface area. Therefore, there won’t be any tipping of the pump caused by extreme vibrations.

You will get a built-in pressure gauge on top of the outlet hose. It will show you the actual pressure in real-time the receiver gets.

Its ceramic-coated motor shafts prevent rust water flow through the hose. As a result, you shall always get a clean water flow with constant pressure.


  • Protects the motor from burning
  • Constant clean water flow
  • Solid framework
  • Has a wide range of application
  • Strong and pressurized water flow


  • Slightly overpriced
  • Pressure cannot be changed

3. TDRFORCE Automatic Water Pump- Best High-Pressure Shallow Well Pump

TDRFORCE 3/4 HP Water Pressure Booster Pump 110V Inline Water Transfer Pump Automatic Self Priming Irrigation Pump Shallow Well Jet Pump Household Booster Pump
  • Wide Applications: TDRFORCE water pressure booster pump for home provides high efficiency of pressure boosting, being suitable for household, irrigation and water transfer. It's your ideal lawn sprinkler pump , garden hose pressure booster , shallow well jet pump and self priming irrigation pump.
  • Powerful Functions: TDRFORCE 3/4hp 550W booster pump has a max head of 131ft and 18 GPM ( 1056 GPH ) max flow, boosting water pressure to 4 bar at max (working at rated output water pressure of 2 bar).
  • Excellent Duration: 24H continuous stable working. Self-priming when water runs. Automatically controlled by electric controller.
  • Easy Installation: Assembled with 1'' connector, the inline on demand water pump can be easily installed in water systems.
  • Choose TDRFORCE for Warranty: As a professional manufacturer in home water pump field, TDRFORCE offers presale and after sale services and 180 days warranty. Please contact us if you have any question.

The TDFORCE Automatic water pump has a solid stainless steel construction. Therefore, there is no chance of rust or corrosion to the body after a long time of usage.

It can be operated in common 115V with 6.8A of power input which makes it suitable for residential and home usage.

This shallow pump can generate up to 550W of power with 52PSI pressure. Therefore, you will get a strong force of water consistently.

Only 12.05kg weight of this pump makes it very lightweight. As a result, moving the pump cannot be hassling.

The motor of this pump has a pure copper-made coil to deliver maximum effectiveness. Besides, an oxygen-free copper impeller makes the current flow constant without any interruption.

Its built-in pressure sensor is integrated with the auto-activation system. Therefore, the pumps work automatically and keep the water flowing according to the demand.

The motor and housing of this pump are made to produce as much less noise as possible. This shall let you and your family members stay in peace.

This pump has been made to give overload safety. The mainboard is connected with a circuit breaker which disconnects the entire system while overheating. As a result, coil burning is often prevented and keeps the pump workable for a long time.


  • Very quiet noise
  • Easy to operate
  • Protects the motor from overheating
  • Lightweight body
  • Can be moved around


  • Needs manual shutdown
  • Requires tightening of the inlet and outlet hose

4. Red Lion 602206 RJS-50-PREM- Best Shallow Well Jet Pump

Red Lion RJS-50-PREM 1/2 HP, 12 GPM, 115/230 Volt, Premium Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump, Red, 602206
  • SHALLOW WELL JET PUMP: Red Lion Premium Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump features a 1-1/4” FNPT suction intake and 1” FNPT outlet discharge; 1/2 HP pump can draw up to 12 gallons per minute
  • BUILT TO LAST: Rugged cast iron casing and volute for long life and high-efficiency; glass-filled thermoplastic impeller and diffuser for durability
  • HEAVY DUTY MOTOR: runs on either 115 or 230 volts; voltage must be selected to match incoming power source; Includes a capacitor for increased starting power; CSA listed in USA and Canada
  • INCLUDES: a factory pre-set 30/50 pressure switch that produces a working maximum pressure of 50 PSI and pressure gauge
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 1/2 HP, 11.8 Amps at 115 Volts; 5.9 Amps at 230 Volts; 1-1/4-inch FNPT intake; 1-inch FNPT discharge; Max Pressure = 65 PSI; Max Head = 150 Ft.

Red-Lion is a renowned company for bringing up high-quality residential usable shallow pumps. The RJS-50_PERM model has some unique and modern features for a smooth pressurized flow of water.

Made of completely cast iron, this shallow water jet has a heavy-duty construction to protect the body. Moreover, the strong and durable layer of cast iron results in a tough framework for the pump. This layer is coated with water-repelling paint. As a result, your pump won’t be generating rust or corrosion to the iron covering.

It supports universal 1-¼” of inlet hose and 1” of outlet hose. This variation helps in providing relatively more pressurized water.

This pump’s motor is made of ½ Horsepower raw power. It can pump up to 12 gallons of water per minute. Therefore, you will get a quick response to emergency needs. And, it will save the enormous time of filling the water tank in the minimum time possible. This makes it a highly effective shallow pump for daily usage in residential areas.

For safety reasons, the motor has an integrated Glass-filled thermoplastic impeller and diffuser. This not only keeps the motor safe from overload but also increases the overall efficiency of the product.

You will get the flexibility to connect it to any common wall socket. Because it has the compatibility to receive both 115V and 230V of electricity. Therefore, the pump can be used for personal houses, or for industrial uses if needed.

This pump has a pre-integrated pressure switch which can be used to change the working pressure for the outflow. The 30/50 pressure makes it switchable for various types of work. Overall, the maximum pressure is confined to 50 PSI which is strong enough to carry out daily household chores.


  • Can draw water from a minimum of 25ft of well
  • Suitable for small houses
  • Durable body construction
  • Pressure can be switched
  • Stable positioning system


  • Creates a lot of noise
  • May result in flowing rust water after a long time of usage

5. BURCAM 506227P Noryl- Best Shallow Well Pump System

BURCAM 506221P 3/4 HP Noryl Shallow Well Jet Pump
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT PUMP BODY: Drink cleaner water with corrosion resistant noryl pump body.
  • QUIET OPERATION: Noryl helps reduce sound noise to help provide a quieter and smoother operation.
  • INDUSTRIAL TYPE MOTOR: 115/230 Volts Fan cooled industrial motor factory preset 30/50 pressure switch with pressure gauge included.
  • EASY TO PRIME: Large noryl body to help priming.
  • PUMPING APPLICATIONS: This pump is recommended for a shallow well application with a maximum vertical suction lift of 25 feet or less. .

Unlike the cast iron-made pump body, the BURCAM Noryl shallow pump is made of completely stainless steel housing. It prevents the pump body from getting rusted or attacked by corrosion even if left in a harsh environment for a long time.

Moreover, it also does not result in flowing rust water after years of usage. Therefore, you will be guaranteed of getting clean water for a constant amount of time.

It has a maximum vertical suction limited to 25ft. This makes it suitable for small rural houses, agricultural fields, etc.

The strong ¾ Horsepower motor with a high capacitor ensures 850 gallons of water flow per hour. That means you will be getting almost 14 gallons of clean water per minute which is enough for small residential houses or enterprises.

Its motor is designed to receive both 115V and 230V of electric input. Therefore, it can also be used for industrial purposes as well.

There is a 30/50 factory preset pressure switch integrated with a real-time pressure gauge. It helps you to monitor the pressure of the water flow and also control it as per your demand.

The built-in pressure tank is designed to prevent water-to-metal contact and condensation. Therefore, there won’t be any premature corrosion.


  • Can be used for residential and industrial purposes
  • Anti-corrosive body
  • Does not create rust water
  • Consistent high water flow
  • Lightweight construction


  • No safety features against the overheating problem
  • Needs manual switching to change the pressure

Shallow Well Pump vs Submersible Pump

The working principle of shallow pumps and submersible pumps makes the difference between the products.

In general, the shallow well pumps suck out the underground water from 25ft or more depth by a hosepipe and receive it in the pressure tank. Then finally the water is flown towards the house or other buildings by pushing it with great pressure. This is a conventional way to receive underground water.

On the contrary, the submersible pump itself goes underground. It works on the principle of pushing the water by applying thrust. Submersible pumps work better than shallow pumps because they can directly thrust the water from underground to give more water flow. Besides, it remains quieter than shallow water pumps.

You can also make a dual connection with the shallow and submersible pump to make water flow more consistent and rust-free. This system prevents the discoloration of the water pipe and ensures 100% clean water flow. But, this configuration may be expensive for many people.

Advantages of the Shallow Well Pump

A shallow well pump is good for small residential houses, irrigation purposes, gardens, or swimming pools. They can easily retract water from only 25ft of depth.

It is more budget-friendly than submersible pumps and deep jet pumps. A shallow water pump has a simple and straightforward working principle. That is why it does not require heavy and expensive components to work. This results in the overall cheap price of the shallow pump.

The shallow well pumps are quite easy to install. You do not require expert personnel if you know the basics of installation. Its simple installation process makes it better and more friendly than that of other types of water pumps.

You will get two different variations of shallow pumps with a single line and a double line. Depending on your budget, it gives you the flexibility to choose the best-suited pump for your house. The two-line shallow pumps ensure better and cleaner water flow. For this, a pressure tank remains attached to the pump to prevent metal-water contact.

Easy maintenance is one of the big reasons to choose shallow pumps over submersible or deep jet pumps. Moreover, many models of shallow pumps come with overheat prevention by circuit breaker technology. This helps to keep the pump safe from burning up and thus minimizes the cost of maintenance.

Shallow Well Pump Common Problems & Troubleshooting

Some common problems regarding shallow water can be troubleshot thyself and do not require calling an expert.

Electrical Failure

Sometimes, the pump suddenly stops working and does not flow water even if the main power is switched on. This phenomenon can happen due to various reasons such as damage to the main electric cord, circuit breaker, or damage to the capacitor.

For troubleshooting, at first, switch off the main connection and inspect the entire electrical line visually. If the cord has damage then it needs replacement or soldering.

Secondly, if the circuit breaker is worn then this must have happened due to overload and overheating of the motor. For this, you must reinstall the line of the circuit breaker with a compatible wire. This shall do the work.

Sometimes, after a long time of usage, the factory set capacitor loses its efficiency and the rpm of the motor decreases dramatically. To fix this, you should get a replacement of capacitor with a similar capacity (Microfarad).

Muddy and murky water

If you are getting muddy water flowing constantly then the pressure tank requires it. Slight mud gets sucked in from the water and gets accumulated in the pressure tank. Therefore, regular maintenance and cleaning of the pressure tank would get the job done.

On the other hand, this problem can also be caused due to changes of the water layer underground. Due to alteration of the layer of water underground muds get sucked in with water. For this, the location of the pipe should be changed completely. Besides, leakage in the PVC water pipe can also cause muddy water flow.

How to Prime a Deep Well Pump?

Priming a deep shallow pump is important for the consistent and proper functioning of the pump to provide water flow.

The shallow pumps have a separate prime plug mostly located on top of the body. This prime point remains covered with a plug.

For priming the deep well pump, first of all, the plug from the primer should be removed. These are made of plastic or rubber and can be easily removed by rotating or pulling.

Now run water through the hose. It shall flow through the casing of the pump. Keep up the water flow till the casing becomes full.

Nextly, remove the hose from the hole. Now, you must push the plug halfway through the plug. Switch on the pump to run the system at full power, and wait till no air bubble escapes from the bottom of the plug.

Follow the previous steps twice to complete the procedure. Finally, push the plug completely inside the hole.

How to Set Up a Well Pump? – Shallow Well Pump Installation Guide

How to Choose the Best Shallow Well Pump – Buying Guide

This section will enlighten you with the important factors to be noted for buying a shallow pump.

Strong framework and housing

For a good shallow well pump, strong and durable housing is a must. A rugged cast iron-made shallow pump works well for this. But, it makes the pump very heavy and exposed to corrosion after long-term usage. The stainless steel-made pumps work better in this case because steel is completely protected from rust and corrosion.

That is why, being compared to the iron-made pump, steel-made pumps are good for long-lasting service and effectiveness. Besides, these are relatively lightweight.

Check for the Pressure switch

Pressure is an important factor in the residential-commercial use of shallow well pumps. It gives you the authority to switch between the water pressures. Old conventional shallow pumps do not possess a pressure switch. New and modern pumps come with a built-in pressure switch to let you change the water pressure according to the demand.

Circuit Breaker

A built-in circuit breaker automatically cuts the electric flow to stop the motor from functioning while being overloaded. Overheating of sallow pumps when the water cuts off in the pipe. As a result, the motor gets prone to being burned up. That is why a shallow pump should be picked with a preinstalled circuit breaker.

Power of the Motor

If there is heavy demand for water in the house then, a shallow pump with high horsepower should be picked. Pumps with lower horsepower fail to keep the water pressure consistent. That is why a pump with a minimum of 1/2Hp to 1.6Hp should be picked to stay safe.

Rate of GPM

The GPM (gallon per minute) is the capacity of the pump. Pumps with high GPM should be picked to get instant water to fill up the tank in no time. Generally, a 14 GPM pump is good enough for small household work or agricultural work such as irrigation.

Pre-set Pressure Tank

A pressure tank is important to keep the consistency of the water flow. Many branded pumps now come with pre-attached pressure tanks with a minimum of 5.3 to 14 gallons of volume. These are good options for rural areas. Moreover, the built-in pressure tank pumps ensure clean water flow with high pressure.


In this section, we’ll get to know the common questions frequently asked by users about shallow pumps.

  • Do you need a pressure tank for a shallow well?

Getting a pressure tank is quite important for a shallow well. It has many advantages. A pressure tank helps to provide consistent pressure to the water flow and stops benign deflection. Besides, it keeps the water pressure at an optimum.u003cbru003ePumps without pressure tanks may overload and overheat if for some reason the water flow gets cut off. Moreover, pressure tanks keep the water and air separated to confirm a consistent flow of water.

  • Can Shallow Well Pumps Be Used in Deep Wells?

If the minimum depth of the well is 25 ft with a constant water level, then a shallow pump can be used for deep wells. But, it is recommended to get a deep jet pump for deep wells with more than 100ft depth. These jet pumps have high-power motors to receive water from the deep.

  • How do I increase the water pressure on my shallow well pump?

Nowadays, most shallow pumps come with an attached pressure tank and preset pressure switch. In order to increase the pressure switch all you need is to switch the pressure reading from low to high. It is mandatory to keep the input voltage in check to get maximum pressure from the pump. Besides, the depth of the water level also makes a variation in the pressure.


In conclusion, we can say that it is better to have your own private well in rural areas. It makes sure you receive constant water which is clean enough for daily chores. For this, it is imperative to get the best shallow well pump with pressure tank.

If budget is a matter of concern then the TDRFORCE automatic pump can be a good option. It comes with a pressure tank and an automatic pressure-altering system.

On the contrary, being the budget a no big deal, the GOPLUS shallow well pump could be the best option with a durable body and strong pressure tank.

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